Administrative Staff

Stephanie Halapija
Executive Director

Ontario grown, Stephanie moved to BC to run the Nisga’a Museum, following her passion for museum leadership, curatorial work, and indigenous social issues across Canada. Stephanie has contributed/curated exhibitions at the Museum of Anthropology, The Nisga’a Museum, the Canadian Museum of History, the British Museum and the Bill Reid Gallery.

Rob Hart
Senior Manager, Operations

Raised in Richmond, and a graduate of Steveston High, Rob left the area to work in heritage tourism and transportation with BC Rail. He was pleased and surprised to return to work in Steveston at a world-class site like the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. Rob has a B.A. in Asian Studies and manages the Cannery Store, rentals, and administrative functions for the Society.

Heidi Rampfl
Collections Manager

As a lifelong lover of all things historic (as well as a bit of a packrat), Heidi has found her ideal job working with the Cannery’s artifact and archival collections. She believes that you can never know too much about the collection and is always ready to roll up her sleeves and do a little research. If you’ve got a question or have something new to add to our collection, she’s the one to talk to.

Mimi Horita
Marketing and Visitor Services Manager

An extensive background in tourism and hospitality has prepared Mimi for her role at the Cannery, which includes marketing and social media, website, membership, and working with a fantastic front-line team to provide the best visitor service experience. Her favourite part of the job is the daily interaction with the Cannery’s visitors, society members, volunteers, and local community (and also the walk to work on sunny Steveston days).

Krystal Newcombe
Manager of Audience Engagement

Hailing from Ontario, Krystal has studied and worked within the heritage field for almost a decade. Starting with a bachelors degree in North American Archaeology and a Masters degree in International Cultural Heritage Management, Krystal is dedicated to supporting heritage sites and professionals in their pursuit to conserving and promoting the cultural heritage of this land. Her particular focus is on including diverse voices within the museum landscape, and ensuring access to these heritage resources for all groups.

Johanna Trapier
Education Programs Coordinator

Johanna moved to Vancouver from the South of France in 2017 to do a master’s degree in Education at the University of British Columbia after completing a master’s degree in History at La Sorbonne. After a very inspiring experience as a French teacher, she joins the Cannery team to ensure that teachers and students have a wonderful experience at the Cannery in both English and French. She is glad to combine her two passions and to bring to life the history of the Cannery for every program.

Tara Miller
Visitor Services Coordinator

Tara has a background in non-traditional theatre performance and a passion for storytelling. She began as a tour guide leading visitors on kayak trips on False Creek, in the heart of Vancouver. She is delighted to continue working by the water at the Cannery, where she works with a wonderful front line team, made up of staff and volunteers. Prior to her current role as Visitor Services Coordinator, Tara has worked as a Heritage Interpreter at the Cannery.

Kim Anderson
Maintenance Officer

A former fisherman, Kim has extensive experience working in engine rooms. Kim has an uncanny ability to construct exhibits, repair virtually any part of the Cannery building, and drive a forklift. Kim’s favourite part of his job is working with all the great people on staff. His personal motto is, “I would rather just go build something!”

Front-Line Staff

Senior Interpreter

Favourite part of my job: Meeting people from different places and walks of life while sharing our heritage.
I’m inspired by: Local history and stories.
I speak: French and English fluently. I can say “thank you” in at least 8 other languages!

Head Interpreter

Favourite part of my job: Connecting visitors to the history of Steveston. I also like raising the flags in the morning and opening the receiving door and soaking in the view on a sunny day.
When I was little I wanted to be:
A marine biologist. I completed my BSc in Biology and spent the next eleven years sharing my passion for ocean life with Aquarium visitors.
I speak:
English, a bit of Spanish, Pig Latin and Foo.

Senior Interpreter

When I was little, I wanted to be: A teacher
I’m inspired by: My lovely co-workers
My one superpower would be: Invisibility
I speak: English

Senior Interpreter

Favourite part of my job: Surprising visitors with awesome Cannery facts
I’m inspired by: Nature & music
My guilty pleasure is: Anything chocolate & Taiwanese chicken nuggets
I speak: English


When I was little, I wanted to be: An astronaut
I’m inspired by: My parents
My guilty pleasure is: Ice cream
I speak: English, Tagalog and Spanish

Senior Interpreter

No matter how much I try, I can’t stop: humming to a beat
My one superpower would be:
My guilty pleasure is:
Fish & Chips
I speak:
English and Spanish

Cannery Store sales associate

Favourite part of my job: Meeting with and talking to customers. I love trying out different restaurants around Richmond, especially sushi!
I speak: English, Filipino and Mandarin


My one superpower would be: Shapeshifting
No matter how much I try, I can’t stop: Falling down wiki rabbit holes

I speak: English, Mandarin, and Japanese


Favourite part of my job: Putting up the flags on a sunny morning
My one superpower would be: Prophecy!

My guilty pleasure is: Canned salmon + mayo open sandwiches
I speak: English, Japanese, and French.


My one superpower would be: Teleportation

When I was little, I wanted to be: A rock star

My guilty pleasure is: One Direction
I speak: English


Favourite part of my job: Talking to guests about the natural world and the history of the local area.
When I was little, I wanted to: Work with animals and the environment

I speak: English

Senior Interpreter

When I was little, I wanted to be: A writer!
I’m inspired by: My mom
I speak: English, French, Korean, and a little Japanese

Cannery Store Sales Associate

My passion is: The Cannery Store. I love seeing positive sales result from good merchandising.
I speak: English


Favourite part of my job: Being located in Steveston
My one superpower would be:
Mind reading

When I was little, I wanted to be: A Zookeeper

I speak: English


I’m inspired by: Nature, art and music

Favourite part of my job: Talking to visitors and hearing their stories, as well as the beautiful view of the River

My guilty pleasure is: McDonalds fries
I speak: English and a bit of French

Senior Interpreter

Favourite part of my job: Meeting visitors from all over the world and hearing how the site pertains to their experiences.
My one superpower would be:

My guilty pleasure is: Sponge cakes with fruit and whipped cream

I speak: English, French and Mandarin

Front Desk Attendant

I speak: English and Dutch


When I was little, I wanted to be: A Vet

My guilty pleasure is: Regularly having pizza for breakfast
I speak: English